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Worlds First Industrial-Strength Modular Robot System

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When architectural designer Philip started to develop a superior construction toy for his children it unpredictably resulted in the world’s first modular multi-functional robot system.

One robot for one task is traditional but what happens when you are working in an environment that demands multiple tasks? Instead of enduring multiple different robots, dealing with multiple different companies, using multiple different interfaces, with multiple different support teams and multiple different contracts, Philip designed one robot, an intelligent mobile machine, that can be modularly configured to do multiple tasks.

Philip’s company, Ross Robotics, specialises in building unmanned ground vehicles (UGV’s) that replace people where they shouldn’t or can’t work. Unmanned robots are ideal for dull, dirty and dangerous tasks.

They are deployed in settings such as:

  • Inspection and survey of pipes and sewers

  • Emergency relief services

  • Oil & gas platforms

  • Nuclear research & decomissioning

  • Security & policing

  • Mining

  • Bomb disposal.

Read more here: https://www.maxonmotor.co.uk/maxon/view/news/Worlds-first-modular-robot-system


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