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Laser Scanners for 3D Documentation & Surveying in AEC, Public Safety

The Ross Robotics Extrm ground-based autonomous modular robotic platform is the perfect robotic platform for users needing to perform a wide variety of inspection and maintenance tasks over time.

Modularity in Ross Robotics means:

  • Unskilled end-user workers can swap out faulty modules or sensors, in the field, in minutes, without costly disruption to the mission at hand

  • Modules can be shared across different platforms, reducing the number of spare parts and add-on sensors and tools, lowering total cost of ownership in your robot fleet

  • New modules, tools, and sensors can be rapidly developed and deployed onto your robot fleet, ensuring that as new uses and missions arise over time, your investment in your robot fleet is protected and has longevity

Within Ross Robotics we regularly put this latter advantage to test; we’re frequently approached by suppliers of a wide variety of tools and sensors, and in this example you can see the FARO Focus ultra-portable FocusS Laser Scanner (https://www.faro.com/en-gb/products/construction-bim-cim/faro-focus/) deployed into a real world environment.

We further integrated the Pipetrack (http://www.pipetrack.co.uk) gyro-based surveying technology that enables the mapping of both existing and new pipelines constructed of any currently used material.

This solution was tested in tunnels, sewers, and conduits in the Thames Water and Lea Valley infrastructure network, as well as in the London Underground Central Line where the robot ran on the tracks.

The outputs gained were accurate surveys for operator surveyors, including GIS data, referenceable images, scans, and location.


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