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EDEN CBRNE Project Completed

Ross Robotics has completed its active participation in the Eden CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and explosives) project with the purpose of exploring the potential for new technologies to enhance disaster relief operations and disaster prevention. The Ross Robotics robot platform was equipped with radiation sensors supplied by Symetrica and Polimaster.

Sensor integration on the robot platform is possible in three ways depending on the use case:

  1. The sensor is held in a quick release payload holder mounted on the Systems Deck of the robot platform. The sensor communicates with the robot’s WiFi network and can relay data back to a ground station over the system’s RF link, or by WiFi. The advantage is that the sensor can be deployed by both the disaster relief team and by the robot.

  2. The sensor plugs onto the Systems Deck by means of a Ross Robotics Universal Connector and receives electrical power. Data communication is by WiFi as above. The integration of the sensor is relatively straightforward, the sensor’s battery is eliminated to simplify the deployment of the combined system and to reduce weight. The sensor can be plugged onto the robot, and removed, in seconds.

  3. The sensor plugs on as above and receives power from the robot. Data is carried over ethernet by the Universal Connector and can be processed on board the robot, stored or can be transmitted back to a ground station. This is the most sophisticated integration and provides flexibility of operations and a very simple user method.’


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