Ross Robotics sells flexible, robust and cost effective modular robotic delivery platforms.

Modular and Flexible

Unlike other systems, our modular robot platforms can be quickly and cheaply re-configured to perform a wide variety of missions.  Our patented Ross Universal Connector (RUC) and open software platform gives rich functional, mechanical, power, data, and logical interfaces so you can easily swap parts, reconfigure for different missions, and even add new hardware and software functionalities of your own.

Fit for Purpose

Our platform has been tested and used in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, where conditions can be extremely hostile due to strong magnetic fields and transient radiation levels.

Inspired by Nature

Our design and development incorporates not only the latest technological advances in materials, software and electronics, but also draws inspiration from abilities and solutions seen in the natural world.

Meet The Team

Philip Norman

Co-founder, Director of Research & Development

Sean Notley


Dominic Cusk

Managing Director


Software & Mechatronics


Software & Mechatronics

I'm a robotics software developer with interest in mobile robots and drones. In my spare time I maintain Weekly Robotics newsletter and hike French and Swiss mountains


Software & Mechatronics

Kathryn Macdonald

Operations & Finance

Dave Ingram

Head of Technology

I look after software & electronics development with the team; part product manager & part project manager. Outside of work I like to run marathons & ultras, surf, bike, and take on various physical challenges.


Software & Mechatronics

I am a roboticist / coffee addict born and raised in the chaos of Mexico City. I'm known for trying new / cool / crazy ideas and because of my accent.


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