Robosynthesis Ltd - Modular Robotics

Robosynthesis Ltd - Modular Robotics

Modular, Reconfigurable, Evolvable Robotics

EXTRM (Extreme Modular Robotics Platform) is a modular, reconfigurable, scalable robot system.


Our robots are built around an open architecture which standardises robot technology and makes it possible to create a wide range of special-capability robots from a set of generic parts. By harnessing manufacturing economies of scale we drive out cost without sacrificing engineering excellence: this translates into rugged high performance robots, adapted to the task and to the operating conditions. Maintenance and repair is almost totally eliminated. Planning is simplified and operations can be rapid and reactive. These factors, born of modularity, improve operations - and at a fraction of the cost. 


Lower cost mission-adaptable performance robotics


Mission-adaptable, robots can be configured on-the-move for a wide range of capabilities. For example a larger robot carrying a sophisticated payload can be turned into two smaller robots for missions that require a smaller scale device. Assembly and deployment is achievable in minutes and without tools. An optional range of plug & play sub-systems and accessories can be used to customise the robots.

Multi-scale, modules in a range of sizes are compatible and build small, medium and large robots and sophisticated robots comprising multiple scales.

Rugged, the system modules are designed for everyday use in tough and demanding conditions including submersion to 1 metre.

100% modular and assembled by means of twist-lock interconnects, repair is quick and straightforward by substitution of parts. This means minimal downtime and sustainable operations.

Lightweight and non-metallic, modules enhance payload capacity and endurance and the system does not corrode. Variant modules can resist extremes of heat and chemicals.

Robosynthesis operates a preferred Partner Programme to offer comprehensive training, support and configuration management services for EXTRM robots including spares, upgrades and accessories.