Modular Robotics

Robots are performing an ever-wider range of tasks for us. Until now, this meant buying a bespoke, specialist and relatively inflexible robot for a limited range of tasks and environments. For each new application a new robot has to be developed, incurring engineering costs that are spread across few robots. Maintenance is a specialist area, often requiring robots to be shipped back to the manufacturer. Meeting rigid customer specifications means engineering new systems that are used by only one or a few customers, with lengthy development cycles. Specialists in a particular accessory, like robotic manipulators, have to find or build new robots for every new market they enter, and accessories are not reusable on robots from different manufacturers.

Ross Robotics aims to change how robots are built, purchased and used, reducing both capital and operational costs. By creating a robust, fully modular architecture for robotics, which we call Robosynthesis, robots can be assembled quickly from standard components for a wide variety of tasks, with little or no re-engineering cost. Easily reconfigurable robots can be quickly re-purposed for a much greater range of tasks than was previously possible. Robots can be maintained locally, without specialist training, by swapping components. A growing range of integrated accessories from recognised partners are available with a range of capabilities and prices. 

Robosynthesis helps you to:

  • meet requirements faster, and without no-recurring engineering costs
  • maintain your robots locally and without specialist training at much lower cost
  • adapt robots for a wide variety of tasks without specialist equipment or tools, by reconfiguring components and swapping accessories
  • extend the useful life of your robots

Our robots are built around an open architecture which standardises robot technology and makes it possible to create a wide range of special-capability robots from a set of generic parts. Our robots are flexibly scalable too, with accessories from smaller robots being usable on larger robots. The Robosynthesis designs are protected by a growing number of global patents in five broad families including the interconnector and traction technologies. 

Robot Families

The Armourdillo. 



The iBOID is an all-terrain robot designed for reconnaissance roles. 

Articulated iBOID



Ross Robotics operates a Preferred Partner Programme to offer comprehensive training, support and configuration management services for robots including spares, upgrades and accessories.